Hello! My name’s Jaimie Olmstead. 29-year-old Austin, TX transplant and general rolling stone. You’ve probably met me in one of the many locations I’ve lived in, which have included Plattsburgh, NY, Burlington, VT, the New Hampshire Seacoast, West Chester and Bethlehem, PA, and my current location, Austin, TX.


My boyfriend, Corey Collins, and I live in a new home in Easton Park with our four cats, June, Bosco, Ripley, and Newt, and newly acquired pupper, Randy. I work as a Digital Project Manager and Scrum Master for a distributed web development company based out of New York. During my off hours, I have a side hustle with Lambs Ear Vintage, my Etsy shop in which I curate vintage clothing, housewares, and oddities. I love comics, mourning and death culture, taxidermy, design, vintage clothing, wrestling, and antiquing.