Vintage 60s Yellow Floral Sheath Dress

Blue Velvet located in the Highland Plaza up on the North Loop in Austin, TX

Spent today channeling some Jean Seberg realness with this hair cut and 60s mod dress. Picked up this number the other day at Blue Velvet here in Austin, TX. Blue Velvet‘s been one of my go to shops for vintage clothes since I first visited Austin back in 2013. American Drifter did an awesome interview with Blue Velvet‘s owner, Jennifer Barker-Benfield, back in 2013 that you should definitely read. I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve found that feel like they were just waiting for me to show up and pluck them off the rack and take them home. Nothing’s more satisfying than bringing something into the fitting room and 1) it fits over your hips and butt and 2) knowing that final zip up the back is going to lock it all in. I find I have more luck finding clothing that fits my curves and weird body shape in vintage shops than everyday stores you’d visit at the mall.

I was particularly excited about this sheath dress since in most situations I’ll find that 60s mod dresses tend to be too small and unforgiving for anyone a bit curvier. Remember, stretch fabric was only invented in 1958 so its widespread use in women’s clothing took a bit to catch on! Many dresses from the 1960s were also homemade. You’ll find evidence of this when you’re sorting through the racks when you notice dresses may be missing liners or brand tags altogether. Because of this, advanced tailoring with darts and pleats to allow for curves on the body is scarce. These two facts combine to make for a very challenging hunt for the perfect sheath dress that fits the modern day lady.

But I found it, guys.