Tarantula: A Haiku

Psychedelic pulp,

Motorcycles and occult,

I melt at your feet.

I picked up this hardcover comic a few weeks back and have been reeling ever since. Tarantula is a title put out by Adhouse Books, headed up by artist Alexis Ziritt, writer Fabian Rangel Jr., and letterer Evelyn Rangel. This comic is psychedelic ecstasy. It gives you a perfect mix of the occult, crime, and horror with some motorcycles and even luchadors thrown in. A deep narrative would be detrimental to a title like this, which is all about hard hitting action (there are so many headshots…so…so…many…) and dramatic one liners. It’s absolutely reminiscent of 60s and 70s exploitation films and pays homage to them artfully. While reading this I couldn’t help but be reminded of Danger 5, the Australian comedy action show. Maybe it was the vulture characters?

TARANTULA pg. 8 by Alexis Ziritt
Original art print by Alexis Ziritt for Tarantula

After reading Tarantula you’ll feel like a badass, want to buy a motorcycle, and convince your boyfriend to become a crime fighting luchador. At least that’s the effect it had on me. Highly recommended and I would also give Alexis Ziritt a follow on his Instagram so you can see all the other awesome work he’s doing. The image above is an original art print available for purchase if you feel so inclined. I’ll be trying to do a review on one of his other titles, Space Riders (also written by Fabian Rangel Jr.) soon! It’s got a fearless space captain, baboon, and lady space robot. What’s not to love?

Have you given Tarantula a read? What is this new Tenebre case? What do you think actually happened to Sombra? Would you wear a bikini on a motorcycle? (Hint: I would.) Let me know in the comments below!